Yerba Santa Smudge Bundle


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Yerba Santa is traditionally used as a smudge or incense for protection and setting boundaries

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Yerba Santa Smudge Bundle – 11cm

Uplifting scent

Smudging is the act of clearing and releasing negative energy.

  • Yerba Santa is a powerful tool for cleansing and protection. When used correctly, it can help to remove negative energy from your space and replace it with positive, loving vibrations. This plant is also known for its ability to cleanse the aura and promote healing on all levels. Yerba santa is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to improve their spiritual well-being.
  • Yerba Santa is traditionally used as a smudge or incense for protection and setting boundaries, it has a strong, pungent smell that is immediately recognizable. It is often described as being similar to eucalyptus or mint, with a slightly sweet undertone. When burned, yerba santa leaves produce a thick smoke that has a powerful scent. This herb is often used in spiritual and cleansing rituals because of its potent smell.
  • Closely related to the heart chakra, Yerba Santa assists with the release of emotional pain stored in the heart chakra, and it assists with love, purification, growth and empowerment.
  • The yerba santa plant is still used today by some Native Americans for its spiritual benefits. It is considered to be a powerful tool for connecting with the spiritual world. It can be used in ceremonies and rituals to help attune oneself to the spiritual realm. Yerba santa can also be helpful in facilitating communication with spirit guides and animals.

Size: 11cm

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