Sagrada Madre Premium 7 Chakra Smudge Bombs

Handmade in Argentina from natural herbs and resins, essential oils and pine wood. Glued together with a plant-based binder.
Each pack contains 7 smudge bombs representing the 7 Chakras

Sagrada Madre 7 chakra premium smudge bombs, one for purifying and regenerating each chakra:

Chakra 7 – Transcendence – Rose/Olibanum
Chakra 6 – Intuition – Benzoin/Olibanum
Chakra 5 – Communication – Myrrhy/Olibanum
Chakra 4 – Love – Lavender/Olibanum
Chakra 3 – Power – Yagra/Cinnamon
Chakra 2 – Sexuality – Orange/Rosemary
Chakra 1 – Instinct – Storaque/Camphor

How to use the Sagrada Madre Premium Smudge Bombs?

  • Smudge bombs are used in a similar manner as charcoal tablets.
  • Light the Smudge Bomb and place with its flat side on a non-flammable surface or container such as a fireproof smudge dish, resin incense burner.
  • After lighting the bomb, blow out the flame carefully until only the smoke emerges from the smudge bomb.
  • With the windows open, begin smudging the house or the area of your choice, paying particular attention to the corners of the room from the rear to the front.
  • When the smoke has subsided, let the leftovers cool off completely before disposing them.

7 Smudge bombs that burn app. 8 – 10 minutes each, and smoulder for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Use with a fireproof smudge dish or charcoal resin burner due to heat.

Sagrada Madre
Sagrada Madre means ‘Holy Mother’, Pancha Mama, and this name reflects how they treat the Earth’s resources. For the Palo Santo harvesting, Sagrada Madre only uses the old tree branches that fell off the tree naturally. They work directly with native communities in Peru and Argentina to plant Palo Santo trees and battle deforestation. Also, Sagrada Madre makes sure to plant more trees than what they use.

All Sagrada Madre incense variations are carefully packed in attractive natural eco friendly packing material to create as less impact on the environment as possible.