Sagrada Madre Myrrh Natural Incense


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Sagrada Madre Natural Myrrh incense, a unique incense handmade in Argentina. Made from natural myrrh resin, carbon and salt, glued together with a plant-based binder

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Sagrada Madre Myrrh Natural Incense

8 Sticks of Natural Myrrh Incense 

Sagrada Madre Natural Myrrh incense, a unique incense handmade in Argentina. Made from natural myrrh resin, carbon and salt, glued together with a plant-based binder.

Myrrh is a resin extracted from trees grown mainly in Arabia and Ethiopia.  It has an intense, woody and rustic aroma when burned, and is used for occasions of purification, healing and the cleansing of spaces.  The smoke of myrrh is believed to offer clarity during confusion, and strength where there is negativity.

Sagrada Madre is a family business dedicated to offering natural incense and smudging products. They work with Mother Earth through the conscientious use of ecological products while maintaining sustainability of resources and fair trade at all levels.

All Sagrada Madre incense variations are eco friendly, and are carefully packed in attractive natural packing material to create as less impact on the environment as possible.

Instructions for use :

Place in a suitable incense or smudge burner.
Do not leave unattended when burning.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
Ventilate well, this will assist with the cleansing and allow the bad energy to leave.

Each pack contains 8 sticks that burn app. 50-60 minutes. Can be re-lit and used a few times if needed.

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