Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet 8mm

Rainbow Fluorite contains green and purple Fluorite.

Beautiful Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Gemstone Bracelet with 8mm Beads.

  • Rainbow Fluorite quiets the mind and brings a sense of peace. It brings calm to chaos.
  • Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilising crystal, and is very useful for grounding and harmonising spiritual energy.
  • Fluorite is known to cleanse all the chakras, before connecting with the heart chakra for an infusion of confidence, relaxation, and compassion. Ideal for overall cleansing and repair of the auric field, and for activating and energising all chakras.
  • Rainbow Fluorite promotes freethinking, flexibility, and freedom of choice. It empowers one to verbalise their ideas and needs with confidence, and to embrace self-sufficiency by not resting one’s happiness in the hands of others.

It may also be used to remove ethereal cords and to shield against psychic attack.

Comes with a drawstring organza bag to keep your bracelet safe when not in use.


Bracelet: 6.5cm ⌀ (Elasticated, stretches to fit any standard wrist) Length 19cm

Beads: 0.8cm