Murray Lanman Sandalwood & Rose Water Cologne Set

This Genuine Murray Lanman Peruvian Sandalwood & Rose Spirit Water Cologne Set includes:

  • 1 x Bottle Agua De Rosas Rose Water Cologne 221ml – Agua de Rosas has a strong influence on the mental realm. It harmonizes and strengthens our etheric body, opening us for love and surrender and teaching us patience. In times of grief, heartbreak and disappointment, it can give us new trust, providing a rose-scented way into healing our hearts. Strengthens love and self-love. Agua de Rosas helps to better let go of our emotional trauma.
  • 1 x Bottle Murray & Lanman Sandalwood Water Cologne 221ml. Divine Sandalwood Cologne is calming and is used for clearing away stress and negative vibes! Sandalwood has relaxing properties that also help relieve stress and promote restful sleep. This beautiful spiritual Sandalwood fragrance stimulates intuition and gives inner balance.

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