Goloka Go Away Evil Resin 30g Bag

Goloka Go Away Evil Resin when burned, emits a holy smoke and beautiful fragrance that is known to clear negative energies, connect us with our higher consciousness and spiritual realms and surround us with high vibrations.

  • Go Away Evil Resin is particularly useful for protecting against negativity, hexes, spells, curses and bad vibes.
  • In order to guard against bad energy and evil influences, the Goloka Go Away Evil resin is a combination of resins and herbs.
  • A potent and adaptable resin, the Go Away Evil blend has a wide range of applications. It can be combined with other herbs and materials to make potent ritual mixtures, burned as incense, added to oils and lotions, or burned as incense.

Goloka  Resins are a fantastic option for anyone looking for top-notch, premium resins to utilise in ceremonial and spiritual ceremonies.

How To Use Resin Incense :

  1. Fill an incense burner designed for burning resins with a bit of sand or salt (optional) to help absorb the heat.
  2. Place a charcoal disc inside the burner and light using a match, lighter or candle.
  3. The charcoal will begin to crackle and spark and ash will begin to form on the edges. Once the charcoal is fully lit and ash has begun to form (usually just a couple minutes), take a small piece of resin and place it in the middle of the charcoal.
  4. As the resin begins to bubble and melt, its smoke and fragrance will be released. Additional resin pieces can be added as desired and you can blend different resins to create your own custom scent.