Goloka Frangipani Incense Sticks 15g

These incense sticks have a beautiful fragrance. Some Frangipani incenses are a bit artificial, but this is delicate and fresh. Also known as “Plumeria”, this incense has been formulated with the fragrance of the Ailanthus Malabarica tree, the flower of which is also called “Nag Champa” or Nagalinga Pushpa.

Frangipani evokes deep internal cleansing that refreshes the body, mind and soul. It is believed to help sedate the mind, uplift the inner spirit, and promote self-esteem.

  • Goloka Incense, Handmade, High Quality.
  • 15g box – 13 to 15 sticks of 20 cm.
  • Hand-rolled top quality incense, resins and plant material.
  • Approximate Sticks per Pack: 12 sticks
  • Approximate Burn Time: 35 Minutes

The Goloka Foundation is a charitable trust in India who give 100% of their manufacturing profits are distributed to a number of charities. These include the promotion of organic farming with small village farms, protection of cows with a sanctuary for stray or redundant animals, supporting the education of widows and helping them to establish small business and the sponsorship of an orphanage,