Double Legal Eagle Smudge Feather

The legal Eagle Smudge Feather is composed of 2 special smudge feathers tied together in the style of the Native Indians.

The legal Eagle Smudge Feather is finished with red felt and North American copper ‘cones’. The colour of the beads and materials may differ from the image.

  • The smudge feather is used to waft the healing smoke of sage, palo santo and other herbs around, it represents air, and helps to complete the balance of the four elements. Birds are also believed to have a special connection with the Creator, and the use of their feathers helps us to forge a deeper connection with the Spirit, the Creator, and ourselves.
  • Also used to cleanse auras and chakras.

As it is illegal to collect eagle feathers, most smudge feathers are made with wild turkey or swan feathers, hence the name Legal Eagle.

These  Smudge Feathers are made from Swan feathers collected in the wild that have fallen naturally from the swans.

Length :+- 40cm