Aztec Aromas Copal Resin Incense Sticks


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Unearth the scents of an ancient civilization with our new Aztec Incense Collection. These fragrant treasures pay homage to the rich aromatic traditions of the Aztecs, who revered incense for its spiritual significance. Dive into history and elevate your senses with this captivating collection that bridges the gap between the past and the present. Explore the aromatic wonders of the Aztec world today!

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Aztec Aromas Copal Resin Incense Sticks

Enjoy the timeless fragrance of copal, the scared incense of Aztec civilisations made from 100% natural ingredients.

Inspired By The Ancient Aztecs, our Aztec Aromas incense sticks are inspired by the ancient Aztec traditions. Copal was a scared and commonly used component of Aztec incense used in ritual and ceremony. They called this resin the “blood of the trees”.

These Hand rolled resin incense sticks are perfect for ceremonies, rituals, unwinding, relaxing, aromatherapy, meditation, or just as a home fragrance.

Crystal cleansing with Copal incense is one of the oldest forms of energy clearing. Using copal incense is one of the best methods for cleansing crystals and energetically cleansing a space.

  • Each box contains 6 sticks, thicker than regular incense sticks, allowing for a slower, longer burn time. When used properly, our AZTEC Incense Sticks will last an average of 90 minutes.
  • Infused with resins, pure essential oils, cleansing charcoal, frankincense and rough salt.
  • Made in the historical Indian city of Bengaluru.

When you are ready to burn your Aztec Incense, use a candle to light the tip of your incense (It takes longer to light these thick incense sticks, but worth it!). Make sure to hold the stick at a slight angle to allow the flames to fully ignite the resin. After a few seconds it should be lit, blow out the flame so the embers are glowing. Then insert your incense stick into a heat proof dish or burner (Please note that these incense sticks are too big for standard incense holders and burners, we recommend resin burners or a small holder filled with sand). You can use a smudge feather to move the cleansing smoke over your body.

Please note that these Aztec Incense Sticks release a lot of smoke, that’s what makes them so amazing and powerful ♥

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