7 Chakra White Sage Smudge Bundle

Made from California White Sage and wrapped with mini rose petals, these 7 Chakra White Sage Smudge Bundles bring good vibes, while cleansing and aligning the chakras too.

  • White Sage and Seven Chakra Roses smudge bundle is perfect for purification with the added energetic blessings of real rose petals. The roses add the blessings of love, happiness, and new beginnings to the white sage.
  • California white sage (Salvia apiana) is an all-natural ceremonial incense used in ceremonies for the cleansing of people, places, and objects.
  • The rose petal colours are aligned with the seven chakras making this a perfect smudge for cleansing your space and yourself as you align your chakras. This smudge stick is fantastic to burn before, during, and after meditation sessions!

Burning sage is a sacred religious practice in some Native American cultures and other cultures. Please treat the ritual with respect.

Please note : Natural rose petals are placed on the sage bundle, petals may have variation in colour and browning as the drying process occurs.

All our smudging products are harvested in traditional manners, in an ecological, sustainable and respectful way.

7 Chakra White Smudge Size : +- 11cm in length