7 Chakra Healing Stone Set Small

Set of 7 Chakra Gemstones representing each chakra.

  • Known for their healing powers, holding the stones and crystals or placing them on your body help to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The chakras are major energetic centres within the human body. There are seven in total. They are:

1st chakra – root chakra – red jasper: stability.
2nd chakra – sacral chakra – orange calcite: basic needs for survival.
3rd chakra – solar plexus chakra – yellow jasper: willpower and accomplishment.
4th chakra – heart chakra – green aventurine: love and compassion.
5th chakra – throat chakra – amazonite: concentration and contentment.
6th chakra – third eye chakra – blue sodalite: insight and imagination.
7th chakra – crown chakra – purple amethyst: wisdom and spirituality.

Each Chakra Stone is +- 1-2cm and includes a small organza drawstring bag.